Remington Tyrant XGP .22 Gas ram. Synthetic stock. c/w 4x32 scope and mounts.          £159.95 

Stoeger F40 .22 Underlever. Wooden stock. Comes with great scope package.                  £174.95

 Remington Pest Controller .22 spring air rifle. Fibre optic sights wooden stock.                £129.95 

Remington Express Synthetic .22 spring air rifle.  c/w 4x32 scope and mounts.                  £159.95

Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint  .177 Synthetic stock. Excellent gun and brand for price        £429.95

Milbro Sportsman  .177 Synthetic stock, fibre optic sights.  (also in .22)                                £119.95

Hatsan Striker .22 Break barrel with synthetic stock and fibre optic sights.                          £139.95  Browning M-Blade  A great little break barrel, black synthetic light weight .177 with fibre optic sights. Well made by Umarex as you'd expect.                                                                             £139.95

SMK B1 Junior .177 wooden stock with fibre optic sights. Ideal starter for only                      £59.95

Stoeger X3 Tac Synthetic .177  Lightweight break barrel air rifle with pistol grip hollowed stock with fibre optic sights.                                                                                                                          £79.95
 BSA Meteor EVO .22
The latest Meteor in the BSA world. Full chequered grip on wooden stock. An excellent full size air rifle from a legendary company.                                                   out of stock

DAISY Red Ryder .177 BB Underlever. Fantastic little cowboy gun.                                            £44.95

CROSMAN 760 Pumpmaster. Black synthetic stock. Multi stroke pneumatic .177BB             £74.95

ARTEMIS M11 PcP .22 Multi shot air rifle. Wood stock, rotary magazine. Sound moderator.

A regulated pcp air rifle for only                                                                                               out of stock

ARTEMIS M22 PcP .22 Multi shot air rifle. Wood stock. Rotary magazine. Fully suppressed barrel.

A regulated pcp air rifle for only                                                                                                    £379.95

You must be over 18 to purchase any air gun and/or ammunition and they cannot be sent to you. The transaction must be face to face with a registered firearms dealer.

Please remember that the dive bottle filling service is next day.


Sorry but the shop is too busy in the day time.

Don't forget I can deliver!

Second hand stock changing all the time.

Please call or email to see what is in stock today.

Buy a new air cylinder from me and get the first fill free!

I can supply 3, 5, and 7 litre air cylinders with either jubilee or hydrotech valves starting at only £156.95. Comes complete with filling hose.

3 and 5 litre in stock now!

 I am also able to fill air cylinders to 300bar with my Bauer air compressor.*

Prices are as follows:

3 ltr £5.00

5 ltr £6.00

7 ltr £8.00

12 ltr £10.00

If your cylinder is brand new and or completely empty then the charge will be double. (Unless you purchased it from me)

Your cylinder must be "in test" and stamped accordingly with the five year test date.

*Unfortunately this is not a while you wait service.

I carry air cylinders to charge your air rifle or buddy bottles while you wait.

Just £2.00


I stock new and second hand air rifles including pellets, scopes and CO2 bulbs.

Whether you want spring, CO2 or PCP I can supply you with anything you wish.

From a budget air rifle package to a top pcp package. Call me for your requirements.

Try any air rifle or pistol before you buy it in our indoor range!


Air Guns


Webley Venom Mamba.22 PcP two shot. Recent service. With scope. Very good condition.         £395.00

Theoben Rapid 7 MK1 .22 (F.A.C) Great condition and just been fully serviced.                        £350.00


Walther CP88 .177 Co2. Wooden grips and blued steel. In excellent condition with 3 mags.                                                           £125.00 (S/H)

Weihrauch HW40 PCA .177 single stroke pneumatic.

Extremely popular with tetrathlon competitors.             NEW £149.95

Original Model 6 Target .177

Multi adjustment rear sight, target grips in great order  £250.00 (S/H)

Smith and Wesson model 357 by Milbro C02 powered 8 shot .177 pellet revolver. 4 and 6 inch barrels in stock                            £134.95

Webley Hurricane .177 classic air pistol in excellent condition. C/W original box and scope assembly. Collectors piece         £155.00 (S/H)

Gamo PR45 .177 single stroke pneumatic.

Another popular pistol for tetrathlon competitors.            

Webley MK1 (straight handle grip) .22 in superb unmolested condition considering it's 100 years old.                            £195.00 (S/H)