I have a wide range of shotguns available in store. Please contact me to enquire more about what you're looking for and for any photos of the guns. Please note I do not send out photos of Berettas, Browning, new guns etc. We all know what they look like. They are all the same. And my condition reports are very honest on my second hand guns.

Please contact me to enquire about any of the rifles in our range. I stock a limited amount of rifles as most of my stock is to order.

Unpressured sales, friendly advice, fitting and after care.... All under one roof?

Surely not.

By buying a gun with him you are buying honesty, peace of mind and the best after care service in the trade.

I don't just sell them here, I repair, maintain and fit on site. A rarity these days.

I do not accept firearms transfers from RFD's on NEW guns.

(I can offer you the same deal instead)

Call01672 5 410 91 to find out more.

Philip doesn't just sell you a gun. He sells you his knowledge, experience and advice to make sure you walk out the door happy knowing you have bought the right gun for you. 

Philip doesn't have to meet sales targets. His only target is to see a happy customer.