Over and under New
 KOFS SCEPTRE 20 bore over and under game gun with M/C brls.  Single selective trigger ejector. Awaiting delivery

KOFS SCEPTRE 12 bore over under game gun with 30" M/C barrels Single selective trigger, ejector. Awaiting delivery

ATA SP Elegant Game 12 bore Side plated nickel finish action. Auto safe with M/C brls. 30" & 28" in stock. Stunning wood. All for £799.95 

ATA SP Sporter Nickel action 30" Sporter 12 bore with M/C brls. 3" steel shot proof. £595.00 *LAST ONE in stock*
BERETTA SILVER PIGEON 1 DLX 12 or 20 bore "Field" model with 30" M/C brls.   New with case, etc. Price £ (call for best price)
BERETTA SILVER PIGEON 1 12 or 20 bore "Field" model with 28 or 30" M/C brls. New £ (call for best price)

BROWNING 725 SPORT BLACK 30" M/C  Cased, New £2166.95

BROWNING 525 HUNTER 30" M/C barrels Brand new in case and in stock £1515.00

LINCOLN PREMIER GOLD 30" M/C NEW £ (call for best price)

LINCOLN PREMIER GOLD 30" F/C NEW £ (call for best price)

LINCOLN VOGUE 20 Bore 28" M/C. Striking black action and furniture with gold inlaid birds. New Out and selling fast already. New £ (call for best price)

BETTINSOLI X-Trail Sporter (Silver) 12 & 20 bore 28" or 30" barrels M/C. NEW£ (call to for best price)

YILDIZ SPZME 20 Bore ejector. SST. 28" brls. M/C and auto safe. NEW£495.00 IN STOCK

YILDIZ SPZME .410 Bore Ejector in 28 or 30" M/C brls. SST with auto safe. NEW. £495.00  AWAITING NEW STOCK

YILDIZ SPZM 20 & 28 Bore Non Ejector in 28" or 30" M/C brls. SST. Auto safe. NEW £395.00 each CALL FOR AVAILABILITY

Second Hand

RIZZINI ARTEMIS CLASSIC 20 BORE 28" M/C barrels. Side plate colour hardened action. Cased. In excellent condition. £1150.00

RIZZINI Omnium 12 bore 28" M/C barrels. In great condition with makers case. £425.00

LANBER SPORT 12 BORE 29 1/2" M/C barrels in good condition. £350.00

LANBER SPORT 28" M/C barrels in near new condition. Comes with original box and booklet. HARDLY USED. £495.00

BROWNING ULTRA PLUS 12 BORE 30" M/C BARRELS. In excellent condition with black and gold action. Comes with makers case. £995.00

BERETTA 686 SILVER PIGEON 1 Field 12 bore with 30" F/C barrels in excellent condition £1195.00

BERETTA S56 12 bore Custom 28" Boss style ribless barrels. Reversed bored for driven game. Choked 1/2 & 1/4. Dble trigger with straight hand stock. 

Very light and a joy to shoot and carry. Work carried out by myself. £550.00

BERETTA 687 SILVER PIGEON II 12 bore 30" M/C barrels, as new with case.  £1295.00

BERETTA 682X TRAP 12 bore 30" M/C barrels. Black action. in Excellent condition with case. £995.00

BERETTA 687 SILVER PIGEON Sport 12 bore 30" M/C barrels. Sought after game scene engraving. In excellent condition. £1195.00

BROWNING CITORI GD IV 20 BORE 28" M/C in as new condition. Black action with gold birds. Stunning. Cased. £1795.00

BERETTA S56E 28 BORE 28" F/C Ribless barrels like a Boss o/u. Double trigger. Light and fun to shoot £795.00

Side by side​​

AyA No.2 12 bore SLE 28" barrels in all original immaculate condition. Hardly used £2195.00

Arietta Crown 20 bore SLE 30" barrels choked 1/4 - 3/4. Colour hardened action seeing little wear. Much figured straight hand stock. £2995.00

COMPOSED PAIR OF UGARTECHEA 12 bore SLES. 28" barrels. Long 16 1/4" stocks inc. wood extensions. vgc. £1595.00 FOR THE PAIR OR WILL SPLIT

AyA No.2 SLE 12 bore with 28" barrels choked 1/4 - 1/2. In used but solid condition. Just been serviced.  £795.00

AyA No.1 SLE. 12 bore with 26" barrels. Choked Imp cyl - 1/4. 99.5% colour hardening and furniture retains 99% of blueing.

Very nice wood with Silvers pad to 14 7/8ths LOP. Bargain price for a No.1 £3750.00 

BAKER GUN Co. Paragon 16 Bore Side lock non ejector. Modified and 3/4 choke. 28" barrels. £395.00
ARTHUR ALLAN English 12 Bore Box lock ejector. 29" barrels. Nice figure in stock. £SALE SEE BELOW

AyA No4. BLE 26" brls. Excellent condition. Fitted with a Silvers recoil pad. £650.00

MIDLAND GUN Co. 12 Bore BLE. 25"brls. Light weight game gun. Nicely figured S/H stock with leather recoil pad. £795.00

AyA No. 4 12 bore BLE 28" Lots of colour on action. In excellent condition. £850.00

Westley Richards 12 BLE "Gold Name" 30" nitro poofed Damascus barrels with high figured stock. £2250.00

T. Wild 12 bore BLE. 26" F/C barrels with figured straight hand stock. Lots of original finish to action and fore end. A lovely gun. £1295.00

Midland Gun Co. 12 bore SLE 27" sleeved barrels. Lovely figured straight hand stock. £1695.00

G. Hinton 12 bore BLE. 28" sleeved barrels chambered and proofed for 70mm. Prior owner has spent a few pounds having this gun tastefully restored and is in excellent condition and ready for the game season. £995.00

Semi Auto & Other

FRANCHI 3 shot semi auto. 24" Engraved bright action In excellent condition.  £275.00

BERETTA AL390 GOLD MALLARD 30" M/C barrels (x4) Nice wood. A lovely and rare auto. Comes with Beretta slip. £525.00

HATSAN ESCORT V 12 bore 3" magnum Superior proof semi auto. Synthetic stock NEW £295.00

YILDIZ Single brl .410 3" chamber. NEW £179.00

From Cogswell & Harrison to Beretta Jubilee's 

All guns are sound and working and meet all proof requirements. I am just making space for new stock. 


INVESTARM 20 BORE o/u folding shotgun. In excellent condition. Was £175.00

MIDLAND GUN Co. 12 bore sxs BLE. 25" barrels. Leather recoil pad. Great condition. Was £795.00

BETTINSOLI 12 bore o/u Double trigger. 28" barrels. Great condition Was £225.00

​ARTHUR ALLAN 12 bore sxs BLE. 29 1/2" barrels Nicely figured s/h stock. Lots of original colour. Was £1795.00


Please call to check on availability of current stock before making a journey as stock changes all the time. 

There are some very nice guns available at bargain prices. All of them are in good working order and meet all current proof regulations. Some are exceptional, some are even new. I am just trying to make way for new stock. Grab yourself a bargain!

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