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Over and under New                              

KOFS SCEPTRE 20 bore over and under 28" game gun with M/C brls.  Single selective trigger ejector. £495.00
KOFS SCEPTREYouth model .410 AND 28 bore over under game guns with 26" M/C barrels Single selective trigger, ejector and 13" stock.  £499.00ea.
ATA SP Elegant Game 12 bore Side plated nickel finish action. Auto safe with M/C brls. 28" Deluxe wood for £799.95 
ATA SP Elegant Game 12 bore Side plated nickel finish action. Auto safe with M/C 30" barrels. Deluxe wood  £799.95
ATA SP Sporter Nickel action 30" Sporter 12 bore with M/C brls. £595.00
ATA SP Game Nickel action 30"  12 bore with M/C brls. £599.95
ATA SP Sport Black Adj. Comb 12 bore 30" M/C barrels. New £To order
BERETTA SILVER PIGEON 1 DLX 12 or 20 bore "Field" model with 30" M/C brls.   New with case, etc. Price £ (call for best price)
BERETTA SILVER PIGEON 1 12 or 20 bore "Field" model with 28 or 30" M/C brls. New £1595.00 (call to order)
BROWNING 525 HUNTER 30" M/C barrels Call for the best price in the area
LINCOLN PREMIER GOLD 30" M/C NEW £ call for best price in the area
LINCOLN VOGUE 12 Bore 30" M/C. Striking black action and furniture with gold inlaid birds. Comes in ABS case. New £895.00
BETTINSOLI X-Trail Sporter (Silver) 12 & 20 bore 28" or 30" barrels M/C. NEW £call for best price in the area

Over and Under Second Hand

BERETTA 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon 20 bore Field, 28" F/C barrels. Exquisite game scene. Excellent condition. C/W spare short stock and case £2995.00
BERETTA Collection 95 Sporter. 12 bore 29.5" M/C brls. Black action. Very nice wood. An absolute sleeper. £995.00
BERETTA S56 12 bore Custom 28" Ribless barrels. Reversed bored for driven game. Choked 1/2(B) & 1/4(T) Dble trigger with straight hand stock. 
Very light and a joy to shoot and carry. Work carried out by myself. £525.00
BERETTA 682X TRAP 12 bore 30" M/C barrels. Black action. in Excellent condition with case. £995.00
BERETTA 687 SILVER PIGEON Sport 12 bore 30" M/C barrels. Sought after game scene engraving. In excellent condition. £1195.00
BROWNING CITORI GD IV 20 BORE 28" M/C in as new condition. Black action with gold birds. Stunning. Cased. £1795.00
BERETTA 686S Field 12 bore 28" F/C14 1/4" L-o-P. In very nice condition. I've serviced it and it's ready to enjoy. £650.00
BROWNING B25 A1 Rounded pistol grip. 28" Teague choke barrels. In excellent condition £995.00
BROWNING B325 GD1 with 32" m/c barrels in excellent original condition with little use. £1225.00
MIROKU 800 12 bore with 30" M/C barrels and much figured wood. £695.00

CAESAR GUERINI LTD "ESSEX" 32" M/C barrels, side plated, coloured hardened action with figurd rounded pistol grip stock.  In excellent condition. 

15" nicely figured stock £2195.00
E RIZZINI SIDEPLATE Sporter 12 bore SST Ejector M/C 27" barrels in excellent condition for it's age. Palm swell grip. 14 1/2" LOP  £325.00

LANBER SPORT BLE ST EJ. In excellent condition with 27 1/2" brls with two Teague M/Chokes £475.00

Side by side​​ New

RFM Luxus Sideplate BLE. 12b 30" M/C brls with single trigger and auto safe. Bold Acanthus engraving. Nice wood New £1699.00

Side by Side Second Hand

AyA No.2 12 bore SLE 28" barrels in all original immaculate condition. Hardly used £2195.00
AyA No.4 20 bore BLE 27" barrels choked Imp-1/2. 14 3/4 LOP. In very good condition. £850.00
COMPOSED PAIR OF UGARTECHEA 12 bore SLES. 28" barrels. Long 16 1/4" stocks inc. wood extensions. vgc. £895.00
AyA No.2 SLE 12 bore with 28" barrels choked 1/4 - 1/2. In used but solid condition. Just been serviced.  £795.00
BAKER GUN Co. Paragon 16 Bore Side lock non ejector. Modified and 3/4 choke. 28" barrels. £395.00
AyA No4. 12 bore BLE 26" brls. Excellent condition. Fitted with a Silvers recoil pad. £650.00
T. Wild 12 bore BLE. 26" F/C barrels with figured straight hand stock. Lots of original finish to action and fore end. A lovely gun. £1295.00
Midland Gun Co. 12 bore SLE 27" sleeved barrels. Lovely figured straight hand stock. £1695.00
G. Hinton 12 bore BLE. 28" sleeved barrels chambered and proofed for 70mm. Prior owner has spent a few pounds having this gun tastefully restored and is in excellent condition and ready for you to enjoy. £995.00

UGARTECHEA 20 bore Side lock ejector Single trigger. 25" barrels, Curchill style rib with 1/4-1/2 choke. 14 1/4" S/H stock to plate so can easily extend with pad. Hand detachable locks. Colour hardened action. Nice little gun. £495.00

GUNMARK KESTREL .410 BLNE. In amazing and hardly used condition. 14" LOP £375.00

DENTON & KENNELL 20 bore ejector 28" barrels, choked 1/4 - 3/4. 14 1/2" LOP. Hardly used. £495.00

VICKERS BLNE 12 bore In excellent condition. Always serviced by the previous owner. He treated it like it was his Purdey. 28" barrels £135.00

FALCO 9mm rimfire Folding side by side. Excellent condition. £275.00

Parkemy (Spanish Made) .410 double barrel folding hammer gun. 28" barrels and in excellent condition with all colour hardening. 3" chambers £235.00

Semi Auto & Other

ATA Etro Field 12 bore pump action. 28" M/C brl. Synthetic stock. Unbeatable value. NEW £259.00

MOSSBERG .410 HUSHPOWER 500E 3 shot Pump 28" Silenced barrel. Excellent Condition £495.00
BERETTA AL390 GOLD MALLARD 30" M/C barrels (x4) Nice wood. A lovely and rare auto. Comes with Beretta slip. S/H £525.00

PIETTA MISTRAL 3. SEMI AUTO 12 BORE 28" M/C (Only 1 Available) Excellent condition £295.00
HATSAN ESCORT V 12 bore 3" magnum Superior proof semi auto. Synthetic stock NEW £awaiting delivery
ITALIAN single barrel silenced .410 in excellent condition. £125.00
BRITISH made single barrel .410 BLNE. Fold or non folding. Auto safe. Made in 1954. Completely original with full colour hardening and in beautiful condition. 14 1/2" LoP. 25 1/2" barrel with 1/2 choke. £350.00
SPANISH .410 single barrel hammer gun. Side lever. 27 1/2" barrel. 13" LoP. Great condition £125.00


​I don't stock many new rifles as people normally come to me with their choice already in mind. I then put the client together a complete package (rifle, Scope, Sound moderator, etc.) for the best price in the area. Please contact me in the first instance if you are thinking of purchasing a new rifle.

I will even set it up for you free of charge.

Remington Model 770 Sportsman .243 In synthetic. Comes with scope, mounts, screwcut 1/2" and a rifle slip. Unbelievable value  New £525.00

Parker Hale TX1200 Target rifle. 7.62. 26" Target barrel with target sights and bipod S/H £350.00

CZ 452 American .17HMRExcellent condition. C/W SAK suppressor and Hawke 4-14x50 scope. £375.00
CZ 452 Silhouette
.22LR Synthetic stock in excellent condition S/H £225.00
CZ 452 Standard wood
.22LR Little use with scope.S/H  £175.00

BRNO ZKK601 .308Win in excellent condition. Figured walnut stock. Does not have the ugly straight set trigger. c/w rings & A-tec moderator £295.00
Remington 700 .308Win in excellent condition. Box mag. Not threaded but can be done immediately to customer requirements.S/H £595.00