Other items in stock are gun slips by AC, Guardian and Parker Hale, amongst others. Cartridge bags, gun cases by GMK & Guardian as well as hearing and eye protection. How about selection of gifts for something a little different?

Here at Bozard & Co. Phil stocks a wide range of gun cleaning essentials from the major manufacturers such as Napier, Bisley, Parker Hale, Hoppes, Birchwood Casey and CCL stock care. 

All of which Phil uses himself in his work shop. In fact he only sells what he thinks is good enough to service his clients guns with. If he doesn't use it, he doesn't sell it. 

Including the new Pro-Ferrum -- Ultra Fine Film Protection
Pro-Ferrum is designed to adhere to sprayed surfaces leaving a protective film inside and outside the barrel.
Pro-Ferrum emulsifies and lifts water from applied surfaces.
Pro-Ferrum is so thin it penetrates and removes fouling and residue in seconds, suitable for rifles and shotguns.
Pro-Ferrum doesn't bind with grit or sand to form an abrasive compound.

Leisure archery by Petron & Barnett

To compliment my gunsmithing services in screwcutting I also supply and fit sound moderators of most brands including A-Tec and Hausken